Welcome to the home of the Dollar Bill Savings Plan. This site is dedicated to helping you save money, no matter what your financial situation.


Everyone agrees that saving is good for your financial health, but...

The problem?

We all know we need to save. Some of us need to save more. A lot of us need to start saving. If only it were that easy! Saving money can be a challenge. If you take a look around, in the book stores and online, there are so many plans out there. Each one is designed to help you save, promising you'll succeed if you only follow the plan, but many of them are intricate and complicated schemes.


Multiple savings accounts
Systems of envelopes and notes
Computer programs for tracking
Self-help psychology
Einstein math!


Seriously? Who are they trying to impress?

There has to be a better way!

What most of us need is a system that works. We need a plan that allows us to save money, but without all the hoops to jump through. We need a solution that is easy to implement while at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the mall or out to eat.


What we don't need is more math, more files, more headaches.

What if...

What if, with very little thought or effort, you could save $750 or more each year? How would that impact your savings account? Some of you may save that every month, but I'd wager many of us don't save that on a yearly basis.


What if you never even missed the $750? Many of us don't save because we're afraid we'll "miss" the money. That's an easy feeling to have when you're trying to write out a budget that includes savings. When your monthly budget is staring you in the face and screaming, "There's not enough!" it is tempting to look at $62.50 per month (ie, $750 per year) as outside the budget.

Simplicity is the solution

The secret to the Dollar Bill Savings Plan is simplicity.


No complicated rules!
No special accounts!
No books to keep!
No complex math!
No hassles!


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